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Southwest HVAC News Guest Column

Clearing the Air About IAQ
Today’s consumers are aware of environmental issues and indoor air quality concerns, but they may not know that their HVAC/R dealer can provide them with solutions. As a technician, you may have a lot of questions when it comes to IAQ. 

How can you market it to your customers? Is it simple to install? And where can you find the training and products you need to become an IAQ expert? Most of the time, technicians are called to a customer’s home or business to provide a new install or retrofit. This is the perfect opportunity to approach your customers about indoor air quality concerns, because this is the easiest and most effective time to install IAQ. 

According to Totaline® Category Manager Ken Rando, there are many ways technicians can ease their customers into IAQ. “Check for obvious factors that might make indoor air quality a concern for your customers,” Rando said. “Some things you might want to be on the lookout for are pets, smokers, and static cling.” He said that other things to be on the lookout for are either very dry or humid indoor air, musty odors, and dust particles in the air. Rando also said that it’s helpful for technicians to have an IAQ checklist handy when they go out on calls. “Using a checklist can help you identify concerns that aren’t obvious, and help you familiarize your customers with IAQ,” he said. He suggested that the checklist include questions about allergies, asthma, dry skin, and other health concerns.

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Once technicians learn to spot IAQ concerns in their customers’ homes, where can they receive product training? “Totaline sales center offer regional training four times a year,” said Totaline Category Manager John Loeffler. He also recommended that dealers attend the Totaline trade show, where vendors display IAQ products, answer questions, and provide product literature and information. “It’s important for technicians to understand the range of IAQ products, and the different types of applications out there,” Loeffl er said. “And, Totaline sales centers are a one-stop shop for all of their IAQ needs.” 

Some of the IAQ product offerings at Totaline sales centers include electronic air cleaners, media filters, HEPA fi lters, humidifiers, HRVs and ERVs, air purifiers, UV object purifiers, and commercial smoke detectors. “Totaline sales centers offer a solid, comprehensive line of IAQ products. They’ve got all of the bases covered,” Rando added. “IAQ products provide a huge opportunity to today’s dealers, and we supply it all at one convenient location.” When dealers shop Totaline sales centers for all their IAQ needs, they’re eligible to receive FREE STUFF. In 2009, purchase five different line items including two Totaline IAQ products, and receive a FREE windup flashlight radio. For more information on this and other great FREE STUFF offers, visit



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