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When The Student Is Ready, the Teacher Appears
By: Julia M. Rahn, Ph.D.
How many times have your readers started a project, only to reach a step they didn’t know how to complete, so the project got shelved? No matter when the project is revisited, the help they need to clear the hurdle is suddenly presented to them. There is an old adage: “When The Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears.” How can your readers make themselves ready to receive the teacher when it is offered to them?

In her latest article, “When The Student Is Ready, the Teacher Appears,” psychologist and consultant Dr. Julia Rahn gives your readers tips on switching their mindset to reach goals and accomplish projects with the help of a previously unknown teacher.

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Rahn covers the five phases individuals take to ready themselves to make a change. These stages include: 

  • •Precontemplation 

  • •Contemplation 

  • •Preparation 

  • •Action 

  • •Maintenance 

Dr. Julia M. Rahn is a Clinical Psychologist and founder of Flourish StudiosT, a self and family development center in Chicago, IL. In addition to running Flourish StudiosT and working individually as a therapist with her clients, she is a speaker and consultant




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