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Centrotherm Eco Systems InnoFlue.  Now the 1st UL-1738 Listed Polymeric Vent System in North America.

Joel Dzekciorius, Director of Operations for Centrotherm Eco Systems.Centrotherm Eco Systems, the North American leader in polypropylene venting technology, announces that their InnoFlue ® branded single wall, flexible and concentric vent systems have been tested and are now listed to UL-1738. To date, InnoFlue® is the only plastic vent that has earned this listing under the only standard in the USA that is specifically designed to test and list vent systems for Category II & IV heating appliances.

The testing was completed by Intertek. Further information about the listing is available at or www.

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InnoFlue®’s listing under the UL-1738 Standard adds to an impressive array of 3rd party certifications, including CE EN-14471 and ULCS636. “As the first supplier of polymeric vent systems to achieve UL-1738 credentials, we maintain our position as the North American leader in polypropylene venting technology,”

says Joel Dzekciorius, Director of Operations for Centrotherm Eco Systems. “This certification provides the entire supply chain, from contractor to building inspector, the opportunity to install a properly certified polymeric vent system. Engineers, wholesalers, contractors and building inspectors no longer have to use PVC or CPVC that is not warranted, tested or manufacturer recommended for venting heating equipment.”

Centrotherm Eco Systems is a subsidiary of CENTROTEC Sustainable A.G., a global manufacturer of sustainable building products. For more information on CENTROTEC and CENTROTEC subsidiaries




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