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Aeroseal Company Signs Up Record Number of HVAC Pros.
Duct Sealing Service Program

A record number of HVAC and duct cleaning professionals have signed up to become official Aeroseal service providers since the launch of the new Aeroseal company this past January. The larger-than expected response is believed to stem from both the new company’s sole focus on supporting the Aeroseal duct sealing technology and to the growing demand by home owners for cost-effective energy saving solutions.

“We now have over 65 dealers in 28 states across the country with many dealers expanding their business by adding 2nd or 3rd systems,” said Neal Walsh, vice president of sales and marketing, Aeroseal. “We are quickly heading to our goal of making Aeroseal available to home owners in all fifty states and Canada by the end of the year. Aeroseal technology is already helping thousands of homeowners throughout the U.S. save energy and dramatically improve the comfort of their homes.”

Developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with partial funding by the U.S. Department of Energy and the EPA, Aeroseal is an award winning duct sealing technology that has been shown to save home owners, on average, $600 to $850 a year on their home energy costs. Applied by a trained Aeroseal service provider, the duct sealing solution has been rated to be one of the most effective and cost effective home energy conservation options available to home owners today.

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“Our customers are hearing more and more about the importance of duct sealing for home energy savings,” said Dave Hutchins, owner of Bay Area Air Conditioning & Heating, Crystal River, Florida, “and we’re doing more Aeroseal business today than ever before. We like to explain to customers that Aeroseal works on your duct system like fi xa-fl at works on your tires - from the inside out. Nothing else can fi nd and seal even the tinniest holes that exist throughout the duct work.” Administered as a nontoxic mist, the Aeroseal sealing solution locates and stops leaks found anywhere within the duct system including duct work that is hidden behind walls or under insulation.

With 10% to 30% of heating and cooling air in residential homes being lost through air duct leakage, Aeroseal can have a signifi cant impact on home energy conservation and on the even distribution of heating and cooling within the house. “We estimate that the Aeroseal treatment can save our customers 20% or more on their heating and cooling bill,” said Eric Kral, Comfort Advisor, Spot On Heating & Air Conditioning, Las Vegas, Nevada. “We measure the amount of air loss before and after the process so the home owner can actually see the difference. More importantly, they can immediately feel the difference. Our customers continue to be amazed at the increased comfort that the Aeroseal process brings to their entire home.”

Full Service Support

New Aeroseal representatives receive hands-on training on how to evaluate homes and apply the Aeroseal duct sealant, as well as all the equipment and supplies needed to begin operations. In addition, all service providers receive ongoing business and sales support to help ensure their success in the growing home energy conservation market. According to industry research, the energy efficient home improvement market is estimated at $40 billion and is expected to grow to $50.2 billion by 2014. Due to its effectiveness at reducing home energy waste, Aeroseal is poised to play a key role in this dynamic market.

For more information on becoming a licensed Aeroseal representative or to learn more about Aeroseal technology call (877) 349-3828 or visit www.





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